Day 19 – A picture of someone you miss

Harold Brower Chambers

Unfortunately, I don't have a picture :(

My grandfather was one of the most amazing men I have ever met. He was a spiritual giant, and a very strong man. Literally, he had a death grip handshake that no one could get out of (: He also raised 7 amazing sons and 1 amazing daughter, one of which is my father, who is one of the greatest blessings in my life.

Is it weird to say I feel closer to my grandpa now that he is gone then I did when he was alive. Honestly sometimes when I feel at my all time low I just feel like he is there with me trying to cheer me up. I know he is just one of the many angels looking out for me. I definitely took his presence for granted. The day my dad told me he had passed away flipped my world upside down. Even a year later I still get teary eyed when I really think about him. I never realized the important role he played in my life till he was gone.

This was the first personal death I had dealt with since I've been old enough to realize what it really meant (I also had an uncle pass away when I was about 5, but I was too young to really understand it). Towards the end of my grandfathers life, he spent every sunday over at our house for dinner. He was the cutest old man out there! I'm talking like puppy at the window of the pet shop cute. Like you just wanted to be around him because just being in the same room with him made you smile! He was slowly losing his memory, his eye sight, and was extremely hard of hearing. But it was pretty cute (: For example...

Favorite memory:
Me-"Grandpa, can I get you anything?
Me-"Do you need anything!?"
Grandpa-"Oh yes! I'm breathing"

Bless his sweet spirit! I loved that old man. There was another time my nephew Gabriel (he was 3 at the time) had a small ball that he was passing to my grandpa.

Gabe-"Here gray-grapa (great grandpa). Catch!"
*Gabe chucks the ball at grandpa and it hits him square in the stomach*
Grandpa-"Well hey that's not fair. I can't see!"

Oh my gosh. I lost it. So funny!

I'm really so grateful that I was able to spend the last couple years of my grandfathers life getting to know him better. I was also blessed to be able to play lacrosse at the field right out side his retirement home. It was great to be able to visit him on occasion after my practices. Because of my grandfather, my appreciation for all my other family members has increased. I know that they can be gone tomorrow, and I really try to cherish every minute I have with my family members.

Happy Harold, I love you, and I miss you. I can't wait till I see you again.

-Your Little Taylor


  1. I love the "oh yes, I'm breathing" LOVE IT. I know it is JUST what he said. :D

  2. I miss him, too! Every time I eat Country Fried Steak at Chili's I start to tear up. Love You, Happy Harold!