Day 20 – A picture of somewhere you’d love to travel

Sydney, Australia

So, the past year and a half I have been seriously considering going on a study abroad to Australia. I honestly think it would be so much fun! So why Australia may you ask? Really that's a stupid question. It's rather self explanatory, but let me elaborate.

Australia isn't the United States. Granted, I love the U S of A, but I really want to live out side of it for a time just to see what it would be like. Australia is perfect because it is foreign, but not foreign enough that I'd go insane. I wouldn't have to learn a new language, I could manage the food, and lets be honest, everyone loves a man with an accent!

I was wanting to go to Australia in the Fall of 2011, but I have braces and quite frankly I don't want to visit another country for an extended period of time and have to worry about that. So if things seem to be going well come the end of this next semester and my life seems to be okay for me to take a 4 or so month leave, I would love to go to Australia for my Spring semester of 2012. I should HOPEFULLY have these blasted braces off by that point as well. So all the better! Also Utah State has some awesome exchanges with Australia and the Business program, so my scholarship would transfer over there, so I wouldn't have to worry about tuition. The main cost is just going to be the plane ticket over there. I guess we'll see though! We all have dreams, not all of them come true, but this is something I would LOVE to do.


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