Day 18 – A picture of the cast of your favourite show.

I'm so pathetic, but I've been really excited for this day of the blog challenge to share my obsession with everyone! Seriously, it's a pretty bad obsession. With both of the shows I'm about to share, I have watched EVERY SINGLE EPISODE, EVERY SINGLE SEASON. A little ridiculous. We all have our guilty pleasures right?! Mine just happen to be GG and VD! :p So here we go!!

Who to blame for the obsession: Julie and Dee-Dee Nelson
First Impression: "Actors are totally hot, I'm definitely watching this."
Currently in it's 4th season

So this show really should be called Upper East Side Manhattan Drama. It's the kind of show that leaves you frustrated at the end of every episode because everyone is blowing things out of proportion, and you wish everything would just be resolved. But that's what makes it so awesome! Gossip Girl gets me hooked all over again after every episode. Even after 4 seasons it still has a strong plot going and is tying things in from the first season. Gossip Girl is easily my number one all time favorite show. So so so great. HIGHLY recommended.

Who to blame for the obsession: Samantha Ward
First Impression: "I refuse to watch another stupid cheesy vampire show."
Currently in it's 2nd season

So my roommate Sam comes home from Thanksgiving Break claiming she has this awesome new show for us to watch. I HATE vampire shows more than anything. I'm not team Jacob or team Edward... I'm team Harry Potter. I try my very best to stray from the vampire scene, but this show TOTALLY GOT ME HOOKED! I started watching it strictly for the shallow enjoyment of the main actors, Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder (total hotties). But by about the 5th episode, once a good plot had started to build, I got addicted. I'm completely caught up with where the CW episodes are in a matter of a month. Pretty pathetic. But honestly the show is so fun to watch! So if you are looking for a new show to get into, get into vampire diaries! It's only in the 2nd season so you really don't have a ton of catching up to do. Not to mention, the guys are hot (: Anyway, once again, yay for shallow posts! Merry Christmas Eve everyone!

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