Day 02 – A really good memory.

Last night I was able to hang out with some incredible friends of mine that I went to junior high with. Honestly, even through high school, the people I met in junior high were always my closet friends, especially the ones I knew from elementary. There is just something about spending your younger years with friends that creates a bond that you can't always create with new friends. Also, I think one reason I loved junior high so much was the fact that everyone was so tight. There were cliques just like any other school, but they were minimal. For the most part, everyone got along with everyone. Also, none of us had cars, so we all ate together, where as high school, people never stayed at the school to eat, and the most people you could fit in your car to go to lunch (legally) was 5 or so. So my really good memory is going to have to be lunchtime my 9th grade year at Millcreek Junior High.

Lunchtime was an incredible time, especially in 9th grade. As 9th graders, naturally, we felt as though we ruled the school (we totally did). When the weather was nice, we ate outside, and if the weather sucked, we rocked the benches in the hall. There were a lot of great lunchtime moments; like getting candy from the pony, melting chocolate on the tables outside, playing football on the field, the clapping game on the benches as people walked by, everyday had something fun. So i'll just leave it as a general statement, that junior high lunches were a really good memory.


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