Homecoming Week


So on monday we went to the paint dance with my roommate Sam and my friend Kolby. Pretty much we got paint thrown ALL OVER US! It was a total mess but it was so much fun. Here is what we looked like afterwards. Needless to say the paint ruined our clothes HARD CORE! But it was totally worth it. I love college dances haha.

Yesterday was a BUSY day!! We went to the football game, where we absolutely froze our butts off, and watched our team get slaughtered by Hawaii. The picture with the red glasses is from doing 20 push ups for the scion dealers at the tail gate haha. We're buff girls!... and Connor. (: Then we went to the hockey game last night and it was SOOO INTENSE! We played BYU, so naturally there was a lot of hate in the room since we dominated them in football the other week. USU was up 5-1 at one point. And with 2 minutes left the score was 5-4 and there was a HUGE FIGHT. So we had 3 players thrown in the box, and BYU pulled their goalie to try and get another goal. Unfortunately for them, they couldn't pull through. But it was intense! Man you gotta love USU hockey! Pretty short and sweet, but I'm feeling too lazy to write a lot, so here you go!


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