10 reasons to smile

Dear blog,
Sorry for being a horrible writer. For reals, I'm going to be better.

Well this week was... interesting to say the least. But I'm good now. I'm happy! I'm ready to go out and have a fun college experience, and this will definitely be a good week to get back out there and just have fun with my friends. HOMECOMING WEEK! (: That means, paint dance, Mr. USU, True Aggie Night, football game vs. Hawaii. Needless to say, this will be a fun week!

I'm really trying to stay in a positive mood right now, and I've come to learn that no matter how hard life gets sometimes, there is still a reason to smile. So I would like to make a list of 10 things that made me smile this week.

10. Getting 289 by myself in fast money on Facebook Family Feud.
9. Realizing that break ups aren't they end, that they are a new beginning.
8. Becoming a yellow belt in Tae Kwon Do.
7. Fall Break.
6. Flirting with the Smith's cashier Taylor, just to find out he is still in High School. Blast.
5. I met my 1 year old nephew Gary Logan for the first time this week. So cute.
4. Got a phone call from a certain Matt Palmer which completely made my day.
3. Went to the corn maze last night with my roommates and the boys of 306. They're great (:
2. I got a new guitar. Simply put, it is sexy.
1. My mother. Period.

For now, that is all, and I will write more this week. PROMISE! Love you all!!


  1. You Rock! I am looking forward to hearing more about your adventures. Have a great week.

  2. Oh, thanks TayGirl. I hope I can make you smile when you need it. But you know my real job is to chew your butt, so you become the best person possible! Love the MOM