This week in the life of Taylor

Well family/friends. A lot has happened this past week. I'm just going to bullet everything rather than try to make some decent paragraphs haha.

  • BEST NEWS OF ALL!!! Thanks to my amazing sister Liesl, I GOT A JOB!!! Those of you who know Liesl, her husband Gary is amazing. His father is equally amazing and happens to live in Logan and owns a clean up business around here. So I'm working with him and his crew. We clean up construction buildings that have just been finished. Clean off all the dust and what not. Friday we cleaned a newly remodeled house. It was actually pretty fun. And it will be nice cleaning different places all the time. Not staying in one place all the time. It should make it less monotonous. Anyway I'm very grateful for Brent Arnell for giving me a job! haha. So that's good news!
  • I'm a single lady. I broke up with my boyfriend of 8 and a half months. It's tough I won't lie, but I know it's good for me, and for him. Feel free to pray for me, sounds dumb, but I am still struggling pretty bad with it.
  • I cut a guys hair today. My very first time ever cutting someone's hair. Not only cut it, but gave him a mohawk! AND IT LOOKS GOOD! haha. So i'll get a picture of that soon and post it for you guys.
  • I got to go home this past weekend. Saw a lot of you! It was great being back home for the weekend. I had a very enjoyable 4th of July. Went to Brighton for breakfast with grandpa, and later to the Eaglewood fireworks with my friends on the 3rd. Had a great dinner with the fam on the 4th and got to go to the Bee's game with the family on the 5th. It was a great weekend.
  • My future husband leaves on his mission in 2 weeks. haha. No I'm kidding, but my friend Mike Angerbauer and his twin brother Andrew do leave in 2 weeks. So I'll be back home next weekend for their farewell. It's insane. I'll be a wreck. :( But I'm so excited for them!
  • I PASSED MY AP TESTS! (: Yes sir! I got a 4 in psychology and a 4 in statistics. That, ladies and gentlemen, solidifies the fact that I will be starting as a sophomore this fall (:
  • I had my first college exams! I was stressing for my intro to mass communications test. I ended up only missing 3 and ending up with 95% (: Then I didn't study for my science class cause i though it would be easy, and i got 84% haha. ON THE BRIGHT SIDE... My super smart friend also got 84%. So i felt okay about it haha.
  • Playing volleyball last night I went up for a block while a guy on the other team went up to spike it. Needless to say, big football boy landed on my foot. Got a cute bruise (: I'm so stubborn though. I wouldn't let anyone carry me up the stairs. I slid on my butt up the stairs. I definitely get my independence from my mother (: That is not a bad thing FYI! haha. Love you mom!
Well there is my life in a nutshell! I love you all!

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