Fun NIght (:

Sorry in advance, this post is a little scatter-brained. (:

So last night I finally did something! haha. So last week I met a friend that lives in the dorm across the hall. His name is Skyler and he has a brother my age named Austin. So we decided to play volleyball yesterday (We play like every night). We also played with some guys named Jose, Colby and Adam. They all live in Morgan Hall with us. So that was fun, played with some random people who were already playing. After about an hour of that, Jose played piano for me and I sung along while we waited for everyone to finish playing volleyball. Then Austin, Skyler, Adam, and I went and played some ping pong. That was pretty fun, other than the fact I'm about ten thousand times worse then all of them haha. So then Austin and Adam left to their dorms and Skyler and I just stayed in the hall talking. We got bored, so we took every door notice in the building and put it on one dorm door. We have no idea whose it is haha. But regardless, it was fun! Then we stayed up looking at videos on YouTube till like 1:30. So yeah! That's kind of all that goes on here in the summer. Volleyball, the Piano, occasionally some ultimate frisbee, and watching videos on YouTube haha. Hope you're all doing well. Things are definitely getting better here for me (: I'm actually making some friends so it's getting better (:

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  1. Tay- you are so awesome and brave! When Dad and Carolyn dropped my off at Davis Hall I bawled when they left (it didn't help that Davis overbooked and I had to put all my stuff in the janitorial closet...seriously. Yah- I got over it and life just got awesome-er. Enjoy this new journey! ~Liesl