Curve Ball

I played softball for a good 10 years of my life and I was never good at batting if the pitcher decided to switch things up. Sometimes life throws me a curve ball or two that I just don't expect. For example a phone conversation that goes like this:

*dial moms number*

"Hello?" Collin (Brother in law)

"No... You aren't mom. Your voice is too deep" Me

"Oh. Ya. You're right. Sorry." Collin

"Well is she there? Can I talk to her?" Me

"I guess I should tell you. She just got in a bike crash." Collin

"You're kidding me right?" Me

Needless to say, I was home a few hours later. Thankfully my next final isn't until Thursday.

She's fine. Just gave us all a good scare. Okay fine is relative. By fine I mean you totally could see her skull from the gash on her head, she probably has a few broken bones, and she's got some pretty fun bruises. But if any of you know my mother, she is as stubborn as they get, and she's still smiling. She plans on still going to work tomorrow, and she refuses to go to the doctors. Gotta love that nurse! She takes care of herself even when you don't want her to.

Basically this post is not a "pity me post". It's more of a "practice your swing no matter what pitch comes your way" post. Life can be extremely unpredictable. Just be thankful every day for what you have. Be grateful for your health, your strength, your family, all the little things you may take for granted. No one goes through life without a few curve balls thrown from the pitcher. So be ready to swing.


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