Day 27 – A picture of something you're afraid of

Day 25 & Day 26 were pretty repetitive of posts in the past. So I have decided to skip to day 27. Sorry for the delay in posting. School started up again so I've been a little lazy.
So as you may be able to see, this is a car crash. Now I'm not afraid of car crashes per say, but what I'm afraid of is unexpected events causing pain or taking away someone I love and care about. If someone close to me is dying of a disease, that is a lot easier for me to deal with, but to have someone taken away from me unexpectedly is something I honestly fear. I don't want to expound much on this, but I would just like to leave with a well known saying for all of us to try and live by.
Live every day like it is your last.
Live your life in a way that if you were to die tomorrow that you would have no regrets, no disputes unsettled, no one left behind that you love who doesn't know how much you love and care about them.


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