The 206 girls


I know I'm a little late, but I gotta give a shout out to my girls of 206.


This will not be a sob story post. This will hopefully give anyone who has any idea who these girls are a laugh. And if you don't know them, it's okay to still laugh. I kinda feel like these descriptions could be put up on eHarmony.com. It sounds like I'm telling everything about that that you would need to know before you got in a serious relationship with them. This could be good or bad...

I'm all about going alphabetically, backwards, by last name. So we shall start with:

Sam "Skeezy" Ward
Wiggity Wiggity. This is Sam. Your typical Idahoin. She eats potatoes every day, she talks in a hick accent and she has never seen a city bigger than Logan. Okay, those all may be lies. She actually has wiped Buckle out of any and all clothes. She can pop lock and drop it like you've never seen. And she enjoys hitting on an occasional basketball player or two. Or three. She has an obsession with the word fraternity. It gets her heart racing. She enjoys late night talks about chocolate syrup and whipped cream with a side of hand cuffs. She's one of 3 roommates who can swear and it sounds natural. She's a rodeo queen and I hear she is pretty decent on a horse, though I've never seen her on a horse. For all I know she just stands by horses and takes pictures to put on Facebook. She can't send a text or a message without asking 3 people first if it sounds okay, and even then she doesn't send it half the time. She doesn't let you see her when she first wakes up for she's in the shower 30 seconds after she gets out of bed. I think every roommate has received a "Your roommate Sam is super pretty. Hook me up" text. Or two. Or a million. She likes to put her number on the bus so people will call her. Kinda weird. She's definitely my sister now, whether she likes it or not. Such a sweetheart, and not to mention a total goddess in the looks department. I'll definitely miss this loud, obnoxious, annoying girl. (; I love you Spamanthaa.

Allie "I'm Asleep" Lundberg
If I would have never met Allie, I would have missed out on a heck of a lot of stuff. My iTunes would be about 2000 songs less. I wouldn't be wasting my Wednesdays and Thursdays watching Idol. I wouldn't have experienced beagles from a dumpster. And I wouldn't be engaged to Scott. She's the most unique and spectacular person I've ever met. You want beezy, you want sarcasm out the ying yang, and you want someone who will always have your back, you got Allie. One day, we had the best fall out known to man. Seriously I look back at it and laugh. It was so bad that I ran away for a couple of days. And here we are now #hashtagging our lives away on twitter. Allie slept in the front room more than her room. She is also nocturnal, which proved to be a problem with having classes during the day. Allie enjoys having crushes on every unavailable guy. By unavailable I mean they are literally out of the country or will be shortly. Atta girl. You go chase after them! She does have some humanitarian goodness gene in her that makes her leave the country every so often to make other peoples lives better. I respect that, but I'll miss her like crazy when she leaves to Russia. She has a weird obsession with stuffing things up her shirt to make her look pregnant. she sux at gramer and spelling, their is no 1 more worser then herr. But once you get a decoder it's not too hard to read. She is also the last person you ever want to hack your facebook. You'll regret it. She's the third member (not wheel) of mine and Scott's relationship. She really is one of the few people I consider a close friend. We are both going to name our sons Justin Bieber. I plan on growing old with her as my neighbor so we can sit on our porches and yell profanities at the kids who walk by. I can't wait.

Kandis "Momma" Kendall
Ay Kay Kay! From high school to college, we're still great friends. Down right the sweetest girl I have ever met. She is the one person in the room who you could ask "Does this match, Does this make me look fat" and she will flat out tell you it looks terrible and yes, you do look fat. She's honest and I like that. She enjoys grilled cheese sandwiches, ranch on her chicken salad, and her george forman grill. She threw the best birthday party Snow Hall has ever seen. I'm pretty sure she is the only roommate who studied religiously, and by that I mean she was always doing homework, or she was reading her scriptures while eating a bowl of cereal. We studied stars and the bible together our first semester and she came up on top with both. She spends more time curling her eye lashes than she does her hair. She's the only roommate who I can play catch in lacrosse with. She definitely gets the award for kissing in the coolest places logan has to offer, aka the roof of snow hall and the bell tower by the A. She has a thing for gingers, and i'm not talking about the food. She successfully lit chicken on fire by using a microwave. She had the sickest kicks on campus and we constantly stole her shoes to make ourselves seem more cool. I love my Kandi and appreciate her friendship more than I think she will every really know.

Kim "I Want A Cowboy" Hanni
You live in the city? You don't drive a truck? You don't listen to country music. Kim doesn't want your sweet bod and curly locks. If you aren't a hick... I mean cowboy, it's rare she'll give you a second look. Kim is the only roommate who can cook, minus the incident of the exploding cake in the glass pan that led to the sign on the door that said "keep your shoes on". Kim is afraid of the sex word and anything that comes with it, yet she is as marriage hungry as the next girl. She constantly put up with me eating her candy. She always got ready in her room, probably because Sam was always hogging the mirror and Allie never got ready so it wasn't a problem for her. She was the only roommate known to have a worse room than me on occasion. She got more missionary letters then the rest of us combined. She put up a fight in guitar hero. She finds the best things online to waste time, aka dormlife.com. She was the purity in our room of evil. Even though she came to college kicking and screaming because of her loathing towards us Bountiful girls, I think she left kicking and screaming because she just loved us so gosh darn much she didn't want to leave. :p and I love my kimmy-kim! And even though I'm getting married before her I'm positive she'll be married and have 3 kids by the time I have 1.

Becca "Drama" Campbell
"Does this cardigan go with my shirt?" Becca gets the award for changing her outfit the most times in one day. She goes through a tube of toothpaste every week because of her obsession of brushing her teeth. She loves berry berry kix and, confession time, so did I. I definitely took my fair handful from time to time (: Sorry love. Becca likes blondes and music you won't find on the radio. Her hair never ever gets greasy, despite what she may say. 99% of the time you will see her with loose curls, skinny jeans and a cardigan. Becca doesn't believe in white bread. It's physically impossible for her to keep a good tan. She likes to vacuum at 2 in the morning. :p She plans on dancing to "All About Us" at her wedding. Becca never EVER cries, she's as tough as nails. She looks good in teal and always smells pretty. She makes friends easier than anyone I know, and she's even better at keeping them. She can't go three minutes without singing whatever song is in her mind, but thankfully she is good so it's okay. She swoons boys with her good looks and guitar playing. Literally, boys show up at her door with orange juice and love notes. Precious. She's someone you can go to for good advice or just when you need a hug. Deciding to come up to Utah State with her was the best decision I've ever met and I'm so glad I got to live with her. I love me my campbell soup.

Those were my roommates, and those are my lifelong friends. We may not stay in contact for the rest of our lives, but they have shaped me in ways that can never be changed. They made my freshman year what it was and I loved every minute of it. I wish them all the best in their lives and I hope we FOR SURE meet at least 6 more times at all of our weddings. Seriously, if I'm not invited I may slit your throat. (: I love you all beezies. 206 for life.


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  1. Thanks girls for taking such good care of my little girl this past year! -MOM