Hello, I'm Joe Shmoe

Please, everyone, take this time to contemplate your name. Names really are an incredible thing. I for one love my name because I represent a lot of special people just because of my name.
Taylor- My mom's maiden name. I love that I will always represent the Taylor family. They are my world. I would do anything for any of my cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents. I love being named Taylor.
JoAnna- This was the name of my mom's sister who died when she was only 18 days old. Her name technically was JoAnne. But honestly, when I die, I can't wait to meet her. I actually think about that a lot. Is that weird?
Chambers- I love being a Chambers! I think it's a fun last name. It took me awhile to appreciate it, but I love it!

So on the topic of names, the whole reason that I was inspired to write this post is because of my work. I work at a outbound call center. We have to call the people by their first and last name. My biggest fear at work: absolutely slaughtering someone's name and having them get upset with me. But honestly, some names you CANNOT honestly be expected to pronounce correctly. People can't be so butt hurt about me saying their name wrong when they have silent letters, 4 consonants next to each other, and names from countries I haven't even heard of. Some people have some CREATIVE parents. Like really, I'm all for fun original names, but some people, straight up, I don't know why they are named what they are named. And where did last names originate from? I legitimately feel bad for some people's last names. Did someone back in the day have a sick sense of humor and just randomly choose a crappy last name for themselves. I couldn't tell ya! I feel like some parents were intentionally cruel to their kids and made their first and last name a double whammy. Like "I want to name my son Harry Bode so that people laugh every time they talk to him" Really, I feel bad! And what is with the people who name their kids with the same first and last name. Legit, I have met a kid named Wade Wade. I understand some people get married, for example I've heard of a Taylor Taylor. But I don't know why you would intentionally do that.

Girls, we all have our first 10 children already named. Even if we don't have that many kids, we all have our lists of names we like. Also, don't deny that you meet a guy, think of what you want to name your child and then question if that last name works with not only your name, but your future child's name. Ridiculous really. But I just beg you all, don't be cruel. Don't name your child Brock Lee, Paige Turner or Ima Jean Overall (yes I've heard of all of these).

Nicknames, another thing that I love all my nicknames: Tay Chay, Taylor Jo, Tay C, TC, Tayla... I've had some great ones over the years. But what I don't get is why some people choose to have ridiculous nick names. Like honestly, Bubbles may have been cute when you were 3, but you have to grow out of it at some time. No one wants to know where a nickname like that comes from anyway. So when you decide to give someone a nick name, please be cautious with it. Honestly people, names can stick with you for longer than you may want.

There is my name rant. I apologize if I have offended anyone in any way. Just saying what is on my mind (:

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