So cleaning out a huge cupboard full of crap today, I found a few things that made me smile and I thought I'd share. So lets take a stroll down memory lane shall we? Many of you will think this is stupid and you'll have no idea what any of these are. Others will probably laugh and get all nostalgic too. Either way, enjoy!

Drawn in 8th grade in my planner by Tyler Vowles and myself. This is Tila. She's from South Africa. She travels by jetpack. She also sports a MOM tattoo on her face because she is a real family goer (:

2009 Peace Pipe. One of the greatest issues at that. Go ahead and be Max Hall/Woods Cross and call Bountiful classless. We were, and I loved it (:
6th grade was easily the best year of elementary ever. My spectrum friends are still some of my closest friends to this day. We honestly are a family. The Odyssey-We thought we were so clever and funny. Talk about the dumbest play ever. Haha. Good times though!!
The classic black paper and tissue paper art. Oh how i hated it!
A fantastic birthday card from Junior High. Kills me. So funny. Gotta love junior high crushes.
4th grade. Singing songs about our great state... Anyone else remember how this one goes?
Oh how I wish they did this in college!
6th grade. Farthings. FRICK YEAH!
MSN messenger. That was my life in junior high. This was the day Lauren and I created our dream house. (PS Kailonu means Taylor in Hawaiian. I was obsessed)
When I got my wisdom teeth out the summer before my senior year my friend Becca was there for me with this lovely creation! So great!

Basically I've had a good life! I wouldn't trade it for the world.