Day 14 – Picture of someone you could never imagine your life without




You better believe we know the definition of best friends. Taylor and I honestly raised each other. I would be COMPLETELY different if Tay wasn't in my life. Granted, we aren't super close now, especially since he is on his mission, but I know all the time we spent together when we were younger made me who I am today. Tay and I met all the way back in 3rd grade. We went to Valley View Elementary together and were in the Spectrum Program there. We instantly became best friends. Tay C. and Tay S! I can remember the very first time we hung out. We went over to Taylor's house and made this artsy doll from some kit. We then went to Valley View to watch his brothers' soccer game and Tay and I went into this circle of trees and buried the doll creation. We proceeded to dig it up a few months later. It was absolutely nasty and covered with dirt at that time, but we thought it was awesome that it was still there. Good times. In 4th grade Taylor and I were in a play together. The play was called Harry Potter meets the Wizard of Oz. Tay got casted as the part of Harry Potter. I got the part of Hermione Granger. CUTE I KNOW! :p Totally BFF moment right there (That means best friends forever for those who aren't acronym literate). Taylor and I were known for our sweet dance moves. We were OBSESSED with A*teens and S Club 7. We would make up dances to their songs and perform it for our classmates. We were awesome, no need to tell us. Taylor Smedley really is someone I COULD NOT imagine my life without. He has always been so kind and loving to everyone he meets. I know he is an amazing missionary and I'm so proud of him for serving right now. In short, Taylor Kent Smedley is someone I could never imagine my life without.


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